Dehydration is making you fat and sick!

Many people across the nation suffer from persistent dehydration. Most of the liquids we do consume are counterproductive to hydrating our bodies.

Salt, sugar, caffeine, preservatives and awful syrups make many commercial beverages second rate options.

While dehydrated, our organs don’t operate as efficiently, cells don’t divide or operate as well, digestive processes are inefficient, our neurons don’t fire or coordinate as well.

It’s no wonder that while in this state sleep becomes a tall order. You can’t always avoid dehydrating foods or drinks, and you should try to exercise, try to compensate as well as you can with more water.

There is an unreasonable fear of drinking too much water, but in order to become ill from this you have to consume gallons.

Do you want to stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier… without drugs or anything crazy?

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