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    32 Things women never tell men?

    They love it when you take your jacket off and some ab shows They love confident guys They really love when guys show weakness Bad boys with good hair are the actually best thing ever Girls don’t regularly shave their legs for just guys they shave them to feel soft under the covers at night […] More

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    7 Secrets All Millionaire Individuals Know

    These strategies make it easier to build wealth. It might seem like the rich know something about money that the rest of us don’t. After all, the richest 1 percent of people now hold almost half of the world’s wealth, according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report. Maybe the rich do have secrets to […] More

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    What are the Biggest Career Mistakes to Avoid?

      Designations do not matter. Pay does. Do not fall for flashy designations during appraisals. Demand a pay raise instead. Do not climb up the ladder by pulling someone down. This ‘upgrade’ does not last long. Avoid colleagues who gossip. If he talks to you about someone, he will talk about you to someone else. […] More

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