Bollywood Families You Didn’t Know Were Related

Take a look at the following relationships. Some might just leave you connecting the threads.

1. Both sets of siblings are maternal cousins. Their mothers Daisy Irani and Menaka Irani are real sisters.


2. Sonam’s nani and Ranveer’s dadaji are siblings. So basically, their mothers are cousins!


3. Tabu and Farah’s father Jamal Hashmi is Shabana’s brother.


4. Shekhar’s mother Sheela Kanta was Dev Anand’s sister. And Purab’s dad Harsh is Shekhar’s cousin.

Dev Anand-Purab Kohli

5. DDLJ’s Chutki and Sonakshi’s grandmothers are real sisters. Ruparel’s younger sister Bhavna also made her Bollywood debut in 2012.


6. Uday and Roshni’s father Ravi Chopra are first cousins. Ravi is the son of B.R. Chopra and Yash Chopra’s nephew.


7. Sharman is married to Prem Chopra’s daughter Prerna.

Prem Chopra-Sharman

8. Sadhna’s father and Babita’s father Hari Shivdasani are brothers, making the yesteryear divas, first cousins.


9. Vidya is the second cousin of Tamil-Telugu sensation, Priyamani.


10. Vivek Oberoi and Akshay’s fathers are brothers. So they are first cousins.

Vivek Oberoi-Akshay

11. Karan’s mother Hiroo Johar and Aditya’s father Yash Chopra are siblings. No wonder Karan agreed to make his first onscreen appearance in Adi’s DDLJ.


12. Pamela Chopra’s sister Darshi is the mother of Simi Garewal.

Simi Garewal-Pamela Chopra

13. Mani Ratnam is the son-in-law of Kamal Hassan’s brother, Charuhasan.

Kamal Hassan-Mani Ratnam

14. Ali’s wife Ayesha Fazli is Aamir Khan’s distant cousin.

Aamir-Ali Zafar

15. Abhishek’s mother is Jeetendra’s sister, and Jeetendra, we all know is the siblings’ father.

Ekta Kapoor-Abhishek

16. Ayub’s father Nasir Khan is Dilip Kumar’s brother.

Dilip Kumar-Ayub Khan

17. DJ Aqeel is married to Suzanne’s sister Farah Ali Khan.

Suzanne-DJ Aqeel

18. Fardeen married Mumtaz’s daughter, Natasha. FYI, Mumtaz and Feroz Khan were a hit onscreen pair in the 1970s.


19. Shraddha is the grand niece of legendary singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Her grandfather is the cousin of the Mangeshkars. Now we know where Shraddha got all that singing talent!

Shraddha-Lata Mangeshkar

20. Kajol-Tanishaa’s father Shomu Mukherjee, Ayan’s father Deb, and Sharbani’s father Rono are all brothers.

Kajol-Ayan Mukherjee

21. Ramanand Sagar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s father, D.N. Chopra, married Vinod’s mother after Ramanand’s mother passed away.

vidhu vinod-ramanand sagar

22. Amrita’s grandfather and Guru Dutt were second cousins.

Amrita Rao-Guru Dutt

23. Armaan is the son of Daboo Malik. And Daboo Malik is Anu Malik’s brother.

Anu Malik-Armaan Malik

24. Tanvi is married to Baba Azmi, Shabana’s brother.

Shabana Azmi-Tanvi Azmi

25. Vidhu’s father D.N. Chopra and Adi’s father Yash Chopra are brothers.

Vidhu Vinod-Aditya Chopra

26. Emraan is the son of Mahesh Bhatt’s cousin sister. Hence, he is Mahesh’s nephew and Pooja-Alia’s cousin.

Pooja-Alia-Emraan Hashmi

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