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BILLIONAIRE’S MAN life style he has a collection of exotic ‘pets’ like tigers and lions.

Gone are the days when the toys of rich Arab boys were limited to cars and

gadgets, because the money game has achieved a whole new proportion..

Meet Humaid AlBuQaish who lives in the United Arab Emirates and has a collection of exotic ‘pets’ like tigers and lions.






This is strange.






Oh, it’s just a cheetah posing casually in front of a super-expensive luxury car.






More big cats and fancy cars.






Nothing screams money like a loris in a car.




What is that cute cat-dog or bear-cat!?







Oh look, a happy chimp.




Is this even legal?



He’s stacking up turtles like pittu for godssake!





Just a quick nap on his living lioness cushion.



This is like the ultimate status symbol.

‘Here kitty, kitty…’




Nothing out of the ordinary here.





So rich he has his own Water World in his garden


Just an Arab with his flamboyance of flamingoes.




What on earth is going on, you ask!?



Is that this man has turned the order of nature upside down!


Read this post and decide for yourself:

This man is indeed living a life of luxury (is he?) but ofcourse, it is illegal to have such pets (the big ones) at your home, unless they are sold with proper papers.

What do you think?

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