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What are the Biggest Career Mistakes to Avoid?

If you feel you are too good for the company, quit. Something better awaits you.


  1. Designations do not matter. Pay does. Do not fall for flashy designations during appraisals. Demand a pay raise instead.
  2. Do not climb up the ladder by pulling someone down. This ‘upgrade’ does not last long.
  3. Avoid colleagues who gossip. If he talks to you about someone, he will talk about you to someone else.
  4. If you don’t like the job, quit. Do not stay and grudge. 
  5. Understand that no one, not even the Founder is bigger than the system. Nobody is indispensable.
  6. The colleague who is not good at what you specialize is no fool. He might be good at something else. Respect everyone.
  7. Whenever a work is assigned to you, ask why.
  8. Do not expect deadlines to be assigned to you. Set one for yourself. Bosses do not prefer micro-managing people.
  9. If you feel you are too good for the company, quit. Something better awaits you.
  10. Know your rights.
  11. Understand that you are in a legal contract. You provide your service to your employer and he pays you in return. No one favors anyone. Be business-minded.
  12. If you are assigned work that is not in your job description, demand more money. Quit if the demand is not met. You are too good to be there.

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