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What an idiotic set of words: Actor Siddharth blasts Kohli over leave India comment to fan

Rang De Basanti star Siddharth criticised Indian captain Virat Kohli for telling off a fan and said it was time for him to teach himself to think before speaking.


  • Virat Kohli told a fan to leave India if he did not like Indian cricketers
  • Kohli is facing a lot of backlash for his statement
  • Kohli is currently on a break from international cricket

Indian film actor Siddharth came down heavily on Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli for his harsh ‘leave India’ statement to a fan who said he likes watching English and Australian batsmen more than the Indians.

Kohli courted a major controversy during the launch of his mobile application when he told a fan that he should not be living in India if he cannot like Indian cricketers.

“Over-rated batsman and personally I see nothing special in his batting. I enjoy watching English and Australian batsmen more than these Indians,” Kohli read out the tweet from a fan during his app launch.

It was his reaction to the comment that sparked a major uproar. “Okay, I don’t think you should live in India then…you should go and live somewhere else, no? Why are you living in our country and loving other countries? I don’t mind you not liking me but I don’t think you should live in our country and like other things. Get your priorities right,” Kohli replied.

Since Kohli’s video went viral, fans have expressed their staunch views over the 30-year-old’s statements calling him arrogant and obnoxious. The latest to join the uproar is the Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth, who called the Indian skipper’s comment “an idiotic set of words”.


Cricket fans on social media have now managed to dig out a two-year-old tweet of Virat Kohli and have begun targeting him based on his own words.

The tweet that dates back to January 30, 2016 had Kohli congratulating women’s tennis player Angelique Kerber upon winning the Australian Open. What has given the trolls a reason to pick on is the fact that Kohli said Kerber was his “favourite women’s tennis player”.

Now people have begun commenting on Kohli’s tweet, asking him to go to Germany as by his own logic his favourite player is not Sania Mirza but Angelique Kerber.

A Twitter user ‘Vicky Donor’ commented, “That is so anti National sir”.

Another Twitter user by the ID of ‘@Feku_Fakeer’ called Kohli a “3rd class human being” and asked him to “leave India” if he likes ” foreign tennis players more than Indian players”.


‘Biplab Deb’ commented, “I don’t know why these people are living in our country and loving other countries. Why don’t you go and live somewhere else… #SayItLikeVIRAT.”

Another user ‘R433S’ asked Kohli when he is leaving the country.






Kohli is currently on a break from international cricket after leading India to 2-0 and 3-1 series wins over the Windies in Tests and ODIs, respectively.

In his absence from the T20I series, Rohit Sharma is leading India and has already helped the team take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series.

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