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Three chocolate bars a month can reduce risk of heart failure, reveals study

Contrary to popular belief, a recent study has revealed that consuming a specific amount of chocolate can be beneficial for your heart

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According to The Telegraph, a research was conducted on over half a million adults disclosing that people who consumed chocolate – in moderation – were at a lower risk of heart failure as compared to those who avoided the sweet completely. Scientists discovered that people eating about three  bars of chocolate a month had a 13% lesser risk of heart failure.

Researchers explained that natural compounds called flavonoids found in cocoa boost the health of blood vessels and reduce inflammation. “Chocolate is an important dietary source of flavonoids which are associated with reducing inflammation and increasing good cholesterol. Essentially, flavonoids can increase that amount of nitric oxide in your body which is a gas that expands blood vessels and helps in its circulation,” explained Dr Chayakrit Krittanawong, lead researcher at Icahn School of Medicine in New York.

However, indulging in too much chocolate can increase the risk of heart failure by 17%. Instead, Krittanawong recommends consuming dark chocolate which contains lower levels of saturated fats that can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

A study presented at the European Society of Cardiology in Munich, revealed that heart failures affect over 900,000 adults. It also mentioned that they often lead to premature death which is caused by breathlessness, fatigue and chronic coughing.

An earlier research from Harvard University discovered that consuming two to six portions – totaling up to 30grams of chocolate – a week can reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation by 23%. It is considered to be one of the biggest causes of strokes.

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A senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation also revealed that cocoa has been linked to a huge number of health benefits. She said, “This large-scale analysis suggests that enjoying a moderate amount of chocolate might protect you against heart failure, but too much can be detrimental. If you have a sweet tooth, make it an occasional small treat and go for dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content.”

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