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Sreesanth Finally Opens Up About Match Fixing Scandal On Bigg Boss


Sreesanth’s journey in Bigg Boss Season 12 has been quite a roller-coaster, hasn’t it? From opening up about his slapping incident with Harbhajan Singh to his relationship with the other contestants, Sreesanth has managed to keep us hooked to the show.

However, recently, Sreesanth finally addressed the elephant in the room, something that we all had been waiting for since the beginning of the show. In the new episode of Bigg Boss, Sreesanth finally opened up about the match fixing scandal which got him banned from cricket in 2013.

Catch the video here:

In 2013, the Indian Premier League saw one of the biggest scandals that Indian Cricket has seen in recent times. A large number of officials from the BCCI, including a number of cricketers, were accused of match fixing.

One of the names in the list was Sreesanth, who at the time was a rising star. A fast bowler, Sreesanth was a force to be reckoned with. However, caught in the scandal, Sreesanth was banned from playing cricket. Moreover, he was prohibited from coming near a stadium ever again.

Although an appeal was made recently to lift his ban, it was rejected. Sreesanth who had disappeared from public eye for a while after the event, is now to be seen on Bigg Boss.

He had opened up about the slapping incident during the task. But as the video shows, in this case, Sreesanth seems to sitting with Dipika Kakkar and other contestants and simply contemplating about his life. He opened up about the incident in 2013 and how that took a toll on him.

Sreesanth said that he was innocent and had never been involved in any kind of match fixing. He also said that the event ruined his life and he lost 10 lakhs in the process. Moreover, he also ended up losing one thing he was truly passionate about. This led to a battle with crippling depression. He was almost suicidal, as he mentions in the episode.

In the video, Sreesanth is seen breaking down while his house mates seem to be comforting and consoling him. The new episode seems like quite a tear jerker, we can’t wait to see what he has to say.

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