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Rahul Gandhi Shares A Pic With Narendra Modi’s Lookalike. Gets Badly Trolled On Twitter

Talking digs and jibes at each other during election campaigns is a common thing. Politicians go to any extent to attract people towards them and the most common strategy is making fun of rival party and leaders.

Amidst the ongoing campaign for the upcoming Chattisgarh Elections, Rahul Gandhi found time to do what he loves the most. The President of Congress took a dig on Narendra Modi as he posted a couple of pics with his lookalike on Instagram.

Posting the pictures on the social media website, Gandhi wrote-

Look who I found campaigning for the Congress party in Chhattisgarh 😎

Have a look at the pictures below-




Interestingly, the lookalike named Abhinandan Pathak was earlier a state vice-president for UP’s BJP-led NDA constituent Republican Party of India. He left the party and joined Congress later.

Since the time, Gandhi has posted the pic on Instagram it has become a topic of discussion on social media. Let alone, Instagram even Twitterati is busy trolling him. Have a look at some of the reactions-










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