Marvel fans are calling Captain America a hypocrite after watching this video. See it here

Captain America always tells everyone to do the right thing but he may not be practising what he preaches. Here is a video that proves it.

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Could Captain America be a hypocrite? This video does say it.

There is rarely a man more righteous than Steve Rodgers but even the best of us make mistakes. Marvel fans have decided not to ignore the one time first Avenger, Captain America didn’t stand by his stern principles of truth, justice and fairness and call him out on it.

A few fans of the franchise have brought it to the notice of Reddit how Cap’n ditched his principles in Civil War and did Tony Stark dirty by doing something he once chided Nick Fury for. The fan shared a video from Captain America: Winter Soldier on Reddit, captioning it: ‘Here’s Cap complaining about Nick holding back secrets, bit hypocritical considering he went on to hold back the fact Bucky killed Tony’s parents from him?’





The clip shows Captain getting angry at Nick for hiding vital details and his true intentions from him and the general public. He brought the heroes together under a false pretence and a promise while his real intent was something else.

However, Captain also held back a massive secret which led to the fallout of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. He didn’t tell his friend Tony that Bucky Barnes was the killer—though not on purpose—of his parents. Of course, when Tony learnt the truth on his own, all hell broke loose. Tony wanted to kill Bucky and Cap’n wanted to protect him. Slightly hypocritical indeed but perhaps Cap’n had learnt by now that some lies and secrets are necessary for the greater good. Such a change in character and his humanity, reflected over the course of ‘his own’ Captain America movies.

Did Tony forgive Cap’n? We wouldn’t know as the two haven’t seen each other since Tony broke his shield on the mountain in Civil War. The two fought Thanos separately in Wakanda and on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War so the showdown between them in Avengers 4 is eagerly awaited. Surely, Tony will forgive him considering there are so few Avengers left now anyway.

The fourth Avengers movie, directed by the Russo Brothers, releases in May 2019.

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