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How much time it took these 23 Wealthiest Individuals of the World to go from Millionaire to Billionaire

Facebook co founder Mark Zuckerberg graduated from millionaire to billionaire after one year.


  • The richest people in the world found success at various ages.
  • Warren Buffett spent over 25 years as a millionaire before becoming a billionaire, while it took Mark Zuckerberg only one year to graduate to billionaire status.
  • Tech appears to be the fastest wealth-building industry; the richest people in tech averaged five years as millionaires before becoming billionaires.


Sheldon Adelson: 41 years

Sheldon Adelson: 41 yearsKin Cheung/AP

Net worth: $38 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands

Millionaire age: 27

Billionaire age: 68

Lee Shau-Kee: 27 years

Lee Shau-Kee: 27 yearsBobby Yip/Reuters

Net worth: $30.7 billion

Source of wealth: Real estate

Millionaire age: 36

Billionaire age: 63

Warren Buffett: 26 years

Warren Buffett: 26 yearsKevin Lamarque/Reuters

Net worth: $84.8 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

Millionaire age: 30

Billionaire age: 56

Carlos Slim: 26 years

Carlos Slim: 26 yearsREUTERS/ Edgard Garrido

Net worth: $71.1 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman, América Móvil

Millionaire age: 25

Billionaire age: 51

Charles Koch: 22 years

Charles Koch: 22 yearsBusiness Insider/Julie Bort

Net worth: $60.3 billion

Source of wealth: CEO, Koch Industries

Millionaire age: 31

Billionaire age: 53

Bernard Arnault: 21 years

Bernard Arnault: 21 yearsAP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool

Net worth: $79.3 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman and CEO, LVMH

Millionaire age: 27

Billionaire age: 48

Michael Bloomberg: 21 years

Michael Bloomberg: 21 yearsDrew Angerer/Getty Images

Net worth: $49.9 billion

Source of wealth: CEO, Bloomberg

Millionaire age: 31

Billionaire age: 52

Amancio Ortega: 16 years

Net worth: $69 billion

Source of wealth: Cofounder, Inditex

Millionaire age: 49

Billionaire age: 65

Rob Walton: 14 years

Rob Walton: 14 yearsReuters

Net worth: $41.3 billion

Source of wealth: Director, Walmart stores

Millionaire age: 34

Billionaire age: 48

Li Ka-Shing: 13 years

Li Ka-Shing: 13 yearsReuters

Net worth: $33.8 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman, CK Hutchison Holdings

Millionaire age: 30

Billionaire age: 43

David Koch: 10 years

Net worth: $60.3 billion

Source of wealth: Executive VP, Koch Industries

Millionaire age: 39

Billionaire age: 49

Jim Walton: 10 years

Jim Walton: 10 yearsWalmart

Net worth: $41.4 billion

Source of wealth: Walmart inheritance; Chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.

Millionaire age: 34

Billionaire age: 44

Jack Ma: 10 years

Jack Ma: 10 yearsVCG/VCG via Getty Images

Net worth: $38.2 billion

Source of wealth: Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group

Millionaire age: 35

Billionaire age: 45

Hui Ka Yan: 10 years

Hui Ka Yan: 10 yearsBobby Yip/Reuters

Net worth: $33.6 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman, China Evergrande Group

Millionaire age: 41

Billionaire age: 51

Steve Ballmer: 8 years

Steve Ballmer: 8 yearsKirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Net worth: $36.3 billion

Source of wealth: Former CEO, Microsoft; Owner, Los Angeles Clippers

Millionaire age: 30

Billionaire age: 38

Larry Ellison: 7 years

Larry Ellison: 7 yearsAP

Net worth: $55.4 billion

Source of wealth: Founder andCTO, Oracle

Millionaire age: 42

Billionaire age: 49

Bill Gates: 5 years

Bill Gates: 5 yearsJohn Lamparski/Getty Images

Net worth: $90.3 billion

Source of wealth: Cofounder, Microsoft

Millionaire age: 26

Billionaire age: 31

Larry Page: 5 years

Net worth: $47.3 billion

Source of wealth: Cofounder, Google; CEO, Alphabet

Millionaire age: 25

Billionaire age: 30

Sergey Brin: 5 years

Sergey Brin: 5 yearsRuben Sprich/Reuters

Net worth: $46 billion

Source of wealth: Cofounder, Google; President, Alphabet

Millionaire age: 26

Billionaire age: 31

Alice Walton: 4 years

Alice Walton: 4 yearsAP/April L. Brown

Net worth: $41.1 billion

Source of wealth: Inheritance, Walmart

Millionaire age: 39

Billionaire age: 43

Ma Huateng: 3 years

Ma Huateng: 3 yearsBobby Yip/Reuters

Net worth: $44.1 billion

Source of wealth: Chairman and CEO, Tencent Holdings

Millionaire age: 33

Billionaire age: 36

Jeff Bezos: 2 years

Jeff Bezos: 2 yearsReuters/Lindsey Wasson

Net worth: $114.8 billion

Source of wealth: Founder and CEO, Amazon

Millionaire age: 33

Billionaire age: 35

Mark Zuckerberg: 1 year

Mark Zuckerberg: 1 yearMariana Bazo/Reuters

Net worth: $61.1 billion

Source of wealth: Cofounder and CEO, Facebook

Millionaire age: 22

Billionaire age: 23

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