How Can You Keep Your Partner Happy?

  1. Let it go if he forget an important date because of his work.
  2. Never put him in dilemma to choose between you and his mother.

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  1. Encourage him if he wants to take some risk (job/business) to fulfill his dreams.
  2. Never compare him with your male friends/ex.

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  1. Get ready as he likes.
  2. Don’t start counting his weak points or failure during a fight.

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  1. Send him a text to say I love you/missing you.
  2. Don’t create drama if he made a random plan with his friends.

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  1. Don’t punish him with silent treatment.
  2. Never talk about break up when you are angry or fighting with him.

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  1. Be supportive of his me time.
  2. Don’t share problems of your relationship with your best friend.

  1. Never compare his gifts with money.
  2. Let him watch sports.
  3. Put your mobile on silent, when you are hanging with him.

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