How Can You Keep Your Partner Happy? For Boys

If you are a boy:

  1. Be patient when she is on her periods.
  2. Always tell the truth, because when you lie she always caught you and it hurts more.
  3. Listen her with full attention.

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  1. No taunting about her ex.
  2. Never stop flirting with her.

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  1. Cook for her.
  2. Feed her with your hands.
  3. when she feels low, just hold her in your arms and kiss her on forehead.

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  1. Spend time with her family.
  2. Paint her nails.
  3. Let her take her life’s decision.

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  1. Always keep your promises.
  2. Never take her for granted.
  3. Take her on panipuri, momos date.

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  1. Keep your male ego aside and say sorry when you are wrong.
  2. Call her; just to ask “have you had your lunch?”

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