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    Called The ‘Russian Popeye’, A Young Dude Lost His Arms Injecting Oil Into His Biceps

    Kirill Tereshin aka the Russian Popeye is a 21-year-old Russian who got caught into the hype of building bigger biceps or more importantly, suffered from a psychological disorder most bodybuilders suffer. This disorder is called Bigorexia. It is a condition where a person does anything humanly possible to get as big as possible. This Russian […] More

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    Low-carb diets might not be the healthiest for a long life — two big new studies suggest they’re linked to higher risk of death

      Low-carb diets are a popular way to lose weight, but a growing body of research suggests they may also lead to premature death when followed for long periods of time. A new study of more than 24,800 adults in the US found that those who limit carb intake have a 32% higher risk of death […] More

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    7 unexpected fitness tools that really work

    The Literacybase team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. If the last few years fell short of motivating you into six pack abs and easy breathing during the company 5K, then you might benefit from a couple fitness […] More

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    Weight loss: Nutrition secret behind incredible change and the ONE food you should avoid

    Weight loss expert Jelly Devote has wowed Instagram users with her incredible transformation. The young woman, who has over half a million followers on the social media site, looks much fitter and healthier. The personal trainer advocates balance, but recently posted a message encouraging dieters to give up or limit a particular food. The transformation, […] More

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    It’s Incredible What Time Can Do — 20 Ordinary Individuals Who Evolved Into Super Cool

    Most of us go through that awkward, often pimple-filled stage in life before time works its magic and we mature into adults who’ve finally grown into our features. For some people, the change between adolescence and adulthood, though noticeable, isn’t particularly remarkable. They appear almost the same as their younger selves, just a bit older. […] More

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    This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Now Looks Like A Disney Prince

    26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall from Connecticut has experienced a sensational change in weight reduction into a physical make-up numerous are contrasting with that of a Disney Prince. As indicated by a meeting with BestLife Magazine, around two years prior, Jeffrey was overweight, jobless, and experiencing melancholy. Jeffrey snapped out of this funk while helping deal with […] More

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