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    15 Of The Best #FlowerBeards Instagram Has To Offer

    In the first half of the last century, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell delivered two dystopian fiction novels of mindblowing foresight. Between them, this pair of English boffins imagined a near-future world that decades later is all too familiar to us today: an increasingly homogenised, authoritarian and medicated society where privacy is rapidly becoming obsolete. Neither […] More

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    VIDEO: This woman’s potato song could give Dhinchak Pooja’s numbers serious competition

    The Internet’s obsession with most bizarreand random things is not new, particularly when it comes to videos. Netizens can get hooked to something and make it famous almost instantly. The latest fad online is a woman’s song on Potatoes. Yes, who doesn’t love potatoes, right? So, she dedicated a whole one-minute and added some dash of glitz and […] More

  • Tech companies in China are hiring “Programming cheerleaders” Girls to motivate male programmers.


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    Tech companies in China are hiring “Programming cheerleaders” Girls to motivate male programmers

    Chinese companies appear to be hiring women to motivate male workers Photos show women chatting with programmers and playing ping-pong They have been dubbed ‘programming cheerleaders’ by the companies Their role is to create a ‘fun work environment’ for the men  HR managers say they help the males who are ‘terrible at socialising’ They also […] More

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