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BOLLYWOOD & TV Salman Khan Lands In Legal Trouble For Hoisting Pakistan Flag

By now, this isn’t even breaking news, really. Salman Khan is on the receiving end of another controversy. How he manages to find himself at the heart of every controversy, we’ll never know!

This recent incident happened while Salman was shooting for his film Bharat. The directors wanted to shoot the film near the Wagah border, but due to safety issues, the scene had to be shot near a village in Punjab.

A video showed Salman hoisting the Pakistani flag which angered Indians on the internet as well. Despite the fact that this was merely a film shot, a large number of people took offence in the matter.

In the scene, Salman would have to hoist the flag of Pakistan. This proved to be extremely troubling and disturbing for the residents of the local villages, who got annoyed and ultimately lodged a complaint against Salman for having hoisted the Pakistani flag while still on Indian soil.

Some sources mentioned that the complaint had been lodged against Salman, the entir film crew and also the hotel where the film crew were seeking shelter. Although it was explained to them that this is just a film, the locals refused to see sense.

Well, technically neither viewpoint is entirely wrong. Can you blame the locals for protesting? But then again, this was a scene for a film.

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