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8 Bollywood Actresses Before And After Breast Implant Surgery

In present times, being an actor is not just about acting in a brilliant manner but also about looking good and if we talk about actresses then they have to look beautiful and hot as well.

As the competition is pretty tough in Bollywood, the actresses just can’t rely on their acting skills for sustaining in the industry for a long time; they need to look gorgeous and have a curvaceous figure. While some actresses are naturally endowed, those who are not have to take the route of plastic surgery to enhance their beauty.

There is no denying the fact that majority of the Bollywood heroines have gone under the knife either for a cosmetic procedure or a plastic surgery. Many actresses have undergone the breast implant surgeries just to make themselves look well endowed and curvy.

Here we have come up with a collection of photos of those actresses who are said to have undergone breast implant surgery with then and now effect:

1. Ayesha Takia

2. Bipasha Basu

3. Kangana Ranaut

4. Mallika Sherawat

5. Poonam Pandey

6. Rakhi Sawant

7. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

8. Sushmita Sen

Do you know about more such actresses? Add to the list.

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