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32 Things women never tell men?

  1. They love it when you take your jacket off and some ab shows
  2. They love confident guys
  3. They really love when guys show weakness
  4. Bad boys with good hair are the actually best thing ever
  5. Girls don’t regularly shave their legs for just guys they shave them to feel soft under the covers at night haha
  6. Making dirty jokes around us isn’t bad believe it or not we’re not that clean
  7. Girls love the small things like being called pretty even by a friend
  8. We want that one cool girl to like us and are always somewhat fighting for approval
  9. Girls go to the bathroom together to gossip, console, and fix themselves up
  10. We talk shit for hours and have mentioned almost everyone in school
  11. There’s a difference between guys who are clingy and somehow make it hot and make you look forward to the next convo or text and then the people who are clingy but make it creepy
  12. Yes we do mostly like hot guys but if you have a reallyyyy good personality…
  13. We like being asked questions
  14. We love it when you hug us
  15. Random texts are amazing
  16. When we text we end up practically pacing the floors with anticipation for ur text
  17. Don’t leave us on read
  18. We love those tiny quick hello kisses
  19. We hate when you talk about other girls
  20. We want you to talk to us
  21. Some girls end up trying to show off for you at least pay attention
  22. We don’t naturally look like we do at school and fucking amazing
  23. But we’re all beautiful
  24. We like gentlemen who open doors
  25. A cute smile is the best thing ever
  26. The way you laugh is something we pay attention too
  27. Buzz cuts are weird (opinion not all it’s just I prefer a little bit bushier hair but still short and classic)
  28. Just because your a guy doesn’t mean you have to hide emotjons
  29. We love when your funny and obnoxious
  30. If you give special attention to us we will love u forever especially if you hold out hand or something or Pat on the back even any physical attention
  31. We fantasize and imagine scenarios continuously
  32. If we like you we’ve probably thought about you every night and imagine every single thing. In fact we’ve practically been to Europe together in my dreams

By the way, this doesn’t apply to everyone or every girl or guy it’s just what I’ve noticed

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