15 Beautiful Places In India You Should Travel To With Your Best Friend

Friendship and travel = magic

There is an undeniable joy in traveling with your best mate. Friendship and travel make for a truly magical combination when it comes to seeking adventures and creating memories. Every place you visit becomes a part of who you are, and every step you take leads you closer home. So it would be a shame if we didn’t head to these 15 places across the country with our best friends and live to tell the tale!

1. Manali-Leh Highway

Take a road trip from Manali to Leh and let everything else fade away. Because like it or not, it will. The mountains will loom magically and the roads will smell of flowers. Forget the American Dream. You guys need to lap this up the first chance you get!

2. Rishikesh

Work out with some yoga and then bathe it out while you river-raft. Rishikesh, the home of a gazillion yoga schools, is also one of the prettiest Indian towns that will fill y’all up with culture, zen and adventure.

3. Dharamshala

There is so much ease here. Time holds its horses and you can literally hear the silence. Dharamsala is the place for much needed soul-reflection especially if you and BFF love introspecting on life.

4. Rathambore

What good is a holiday if it doesn’t involve interacting with carnivores or meeting elephants smack in the middle of the road? Especially if you are in Rajasthan and the two of you love the wildlife, Ranthambore will turn out to become your happy place.

5. Kamshet Ghat

6. Panchgani

If you absolutely love quiet, I’d suggest a good, long weekend here. Pack a few clothes and a sweater and you’re good to go. Indulge in fresh mulberries and strawberries, or head to the farm and just watch them grow.

7. Rann of Kutch

There’ll be canvas tents and nights under the star. There’ll be the smell of camels and the hot sand slowly cooling in the evening light. And then there’ll be you and your best friend, grateful to have come to this wonderful barren land full of hope and promises.

8. Arunachal Pradesh

Head the unconventional holiday route by traveling to this subdued yet gorgeous state. Pass on your prayers on plenty of Buddhist prayer wheels and watch tiny monks smile and laugh as they head to school.

9. Meghalaya

The rope bridge here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless minuscule waterfalls that are scattered across this beautiful green state. This is your time to make some gorgeous memories with your BFF!

10. Darjeeling

Trust me, this location is not overrated. That toy train will have you go back to your child self in less than a second. Get familiar with this quaint, anglicised hill station by walking on the streets and discovering secret alleyways.

11. Gokarna

Goa, my friend, is too mainstream. Instead, go Gokarna! With clean, pristine, almost-white sand beaches, this place offers you the best way to sport a tan. The local markets are extremely lively and you can scavenge some keepsakes to take back home.

12. Hampi

If you and your best friend are history buffs, Hampi is already winking at y’all. Scattered with tiny cafes that are perfect spots to unwind, you can also meander through awe-inspiring historical temples.

13. Munnar

Alright. Get ready for some serious greenery because Munnar will leave you spellbound! Hitch up a few hikers and head for some of the prettiest trails you’ll ever walk on in this country. Of course, puffy white clouds will come by to say hello too.

14. Kannur

Get over Alleppey and move on to Kannur. With backwaters that are perfect for some afternoon lazing and conversations over chai, Kannur absolutely deserves your attention. If you’re looking for a holiday that spells relaxation for you and your bestie, come here!

15. Lakshadweep

If your friendship goals revolve around underwater adventures, Lakshadweep will make you smile wide. From scoring coral reefs, to befriending turtles, your BFF and you will want to ditch land and make a castle beneath the aqua blue waves.

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